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2 Reasons Why Rafts Are Better Than Drift Boats

2 Reasons Why Rafts Are Better Than Drift Boats

Standard drift boats provide excellent features that help fishermen get out on any boat-accessible river or lake but what about the water that doesn’t start and end with a boat ramp?

For decades, drift boats have been developed and improved to maximize fisherman’s time on the water, so naturally, the design and function of a standard drift boat was what we strived to achieve while taking advantage and improving on the pain points of having and using a standard drift boat. This is where inflatable drift boats were born. Out of the desire to get access to water that otherwise was only available to wade fisherman, we designed an inflatable drift boat that seats three people like a standard drift boat but it is light and easy to pack into your favorite water and is much more affordable.


Drift boats offer opportunities to better water and provide the angler the opportunity to present their flies where shore or wade anglers aren’t able. With that said, owning a drift boat also will require a boat ramp, a capable towing vehicle, a trailer, yearly trailer registration and a place to store it.

The pain points above are what we aimed to remedy while still largely maintaining the best points of a drift boat. With an inflatable drift boat, you can launch it anywhere, boat ramp or not. Also, it can be packed in any vehicle or carried fully ready on a roof rack or truck bed. It can also easily be packed into the backcountry to more remote locations.


With standard drift boats, when considering the cost, you have to consider the cost of the boat, trailer, the yearly cost of registration and the cost of storage. Inflatable drift boats will cost thousands less, store easily in a garage or trunk and don’t require the use of a trailer so registration costs won’t be a consideration (check your local state regulations for more information on when a watercraft will require titling etc.)

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