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Flyfishing Insider Podcast | River Rat USA

Have a listen to the podcast we recently recorded with Fly Fishing Insider! Bryan and Lane discuss why industry insiders are so drawn to the River Rat Pro and how it was designed and developed. This is a great chance to learn about why we’re so passionate about creating the best boat on the market! […]

2 Reasons Why Rafts Are Better Than Drift Boats

Standard drift boats provide excellent features that help fishermen get out on any boat-accessible river or lake but what about the water that doesn’t start and end with a boat ramp? For decades, drift boats have been developed and improved to maximize fisherman’s time on the water, so naturally, the design and function of a […]

Have you ever wanted to take better photographs on your fishing expeditions?

There is nothing better than having photos to remind you of that 24 inch rainbow you landed on the Madison or the way the setting sun reflected off the sheer cliffs of Lake Powell and blanketed everything in a surreal pink orange ending to the day. You want to capture the perfect image. Here are a few tips that’ll improve your photos.

Fishing with kids can be a daunting task.

Fishing with kids can be a daunting task. But let’s be honest, teaching your kids how to fish is a rite of passage and a memory worth having. Spending time on the river with family can be a way of connecting with them. The trip pictured above is of one such trip. We went fishing down the Madison River near Enis, Montana. The entire trip was amazing. The river was the perfect river for a trip with the whole family. We spent hours fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Watching the kids learn to cast and the pure excitement when they get a hit. Those are memories worth making.