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Fishing with kids can be a daunting task.

Fishing with kids can be a daunting task.

But let’s be honest, teaching your kids how to fish is a rite of passage and a memory worth having. Spending time on the river with family can be a way of connecting with them. The trip pictured above is of one such trip. We went fishing down the Madison River near Enis, Montana. The entire trip was amazing. The river was the perfect river for a trip with the whole family. We spent hours fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Watching the kids learn to cast and the pure excitement when they get a hit. Those are memories worth making.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to do a family fishing trip.

First, choose a river that you know well and that is easily maneuvered. I highly recommend making the trip down the chosen river many times prior to your adventure. This give you time to plan the trip. Know where pullouts are, where the best fishing wholes are and the best baits or flys.

Second, choose a boat (like River Rat) that is stable and has ample room. When fishing with kids you want to be sure they have plenty of space to move. We all know kids rarely sit still. Allowing them to move more freely will give them an opportunity to get the wiggles out.

Third, make plans for what to do when the fishing gets slow or the kids get board. This is where knowing the appropriate pullout can come in handy. Prepare a lunch, have water toys, and things to keep them entertained.

Finally, have fun!! Teach your kids the basics of fishing before setting out. Teach them what kind of fish you will be catching and what happens after you do catch them. Include them in the planning and packing. This gives them the excitement prior to going and let’s them show off their skills while on the adventure!

Stay safe out there my friends and create life long memories!